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New Year, Same Philosophy.
By planning ahead provides directions and instructions to family members and loved ones 
before they need them and when they will need them most.


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Things to keep in mind as you decide

whether or not you need a Will, or Trust, or Powers of Attorney

  • A written plan can make handling your affairs after your passing or incapacity "easier" for a spouse, child, or loved one, especially during an already emotional and stressful time. Keeping in mind too that most people handling your affairs probably have jobs, families, every tasks of their own to handle... do you want to add to that unnecessarily?

  • Even if you have told someone your wishes, who gets what, the type of memorial service you want, they need to be able to legally carry out those wishes. Will, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Funeral Representative Designations allow them to do just that.

  • There is no "right time" to begin this process, other than after you turn 18. Incapacity and death do not wait until we are ready, retired, "old enough", "have a lot", or send our children off into the world. Now is always the right time to be proactive. 

  • When you plan ahead, you get to choose who handles your finances, property, medical decisions, and raises your minor children, not a judge that really does not know you or your family.

  • Once children become legal adults (age 18), parents no longer have rights to their "children's" financial, personal, education, or medical information without their authorization!  

  • Your plan is not set in stone. Even after your documents are signed, as life and law changes, your plan should too.  

  • Who doesn't love checking items off of their to-list? 


About Me

My estate planning practice is rooted in the belief that by taking a little time now to plan ahead, you not only help yourself, but inevitably you help your family and loved ones. 

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