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  • A written plan can make handling your affairs after your passing or incapacity "easier" for a spouse, child, or loved ones, especially during an emotional and stressful time.

  • Don't wait for the "right time" to begin this process. Incapacity and death do not wait until we are ready, retire, "old", "rich", send our kids to college, or are"have enough stuff". 

  • You be the one to choose who handles your finances, property, medical decisions, and raises your minor children, not a judge that doesn't know your family at all.

  • Changes in life happen and when they do, you can change your plan to fit your current situation and needs.  

  • Checking "estate planning" off of your to-do list, just feels good!  

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Kelly T Braun

My estate planning practice is rooted in the belief that by taking a little time now to plan ahead, you not only help yourself, but inevitably you help your family and loved ones.