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Kelly T. Braun

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Kelly has been practicing law for 20+ years. During the later part of her career, she has been able to focus on estate planning - particularly assisting the sandwich generation to get their goals and wishes on paper to assist children, parents, and loved ones down the road. She enjoys estate planning because it allows her to talk with many people and work together with them on something that is common to us all.  She is married and has two children, so she personally understands why planning is important, who we do it for, and the sense of relief and accomplishment that you feel when your plan is in place. Creating a comprehensive estate plan requires an open and honest conversation, with an emphasis on listening to a client's concerns and wishes, to best determine the plan for them, and when you work with Kelly that is what you will receive.  Whether it is working on a new estate plan or reviewing an existing estate plan, Kelly provides focused attention to each of her clients.  Her goal is always to make sure her clients understand the product they receive.


I have lived in Rochester Hills for 15+ years with my husband and two children. I really enjoy spending time with family and friends in this great community - full of great people of all ages, wonderful parks, and awesome restaurants.  I am active in the community, my children's schools, and participate in various professional, social, and charitable events.  ​

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from James Madison College at Michigan State University, where I studied political theory and minored in studio art.  Fast forward a few years later when I would return to East Lansing and receive my Juris Doctorate degree from Michigan State University College of Law.  

I have practiced civil law for over 20 years. My practice began with insurance defense work, included a position as in-house counsel, and now focuses solely on estate planning. I truly enjoy the opportunities that estate planning has given me to talk and work with people to handle something that is common to us all.  I consider myself very approachable and easy to talk to, which I feel is beneficial when talking with people about a sometimes sensitive subject like estate plans.

My estate planning practice is rooted in the belief that by taking a little time now to plan ahead, you not only help yourself, but inevitably you help your family and loved ones.  Your proactive approach to thinking about the future, allows for those you leave behind to have a roadmap with directions you wrote to guide them when they will need it most.

look forward to meeting & working with you and your family,


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