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COMPLETE QUESTIONNAIRE.  HERE  The information you provide is reviewed during the consultation and used to determine your best estate plan options. You can also request a Questionnaire by emailing or calling 248-581-4425.

After your questionnaire is complete, submitted online, or via email,  SCHEDULE  (Complimentary) CONSULTATION** HERE.  You can also request a consultation by calling or sending a text to 248-581-4425.

CONSULTATION**. Estate Plan options are discussed during this :30 consultation based on your goals and concerns.  Pricing for various plans are provided during or following this initial consultation.

After your Engagement Agreement and Retainer are received, you will be contacted to SCHEDULE A CLIENT MEETING** to review your personalized estate plan.

CLIENT MEETING**. Personalized Estate Plan details are discussed during this :30 - :45 meeting, including asset distribution, individuals you want to carrying out your plan, and scheduling your (in-person) signing meeting.

ESTATE PLAN DRAFTING. The information you have provided will be drafted into personalized estate plan documents. Unless additional information or documents are needed, there is nothing for you to do during this time. 

SIGNING MEETING***. 1-hour meeting to review, sign, witness, and notarize estate plan documents. You will leave this meeting with a finalized estate plan and a few instructions to finalize your plan. 

TASK COMPLETE.  Put your Estate Plan in a safe location. Review your plan as life changes or at least every 3-5 years.

* Generally a complete estate plan will take between 2-5 weeks to complete after the firm is retained. 

** Consultations and client meetings are held virtually (Zoom) or conference call, unless other arrangements have been made.  

*** Signing meetings are scheduled as in-person meetings in Rochester, Michigan, unless other arrangements have been made.

Kelly T. Braun - Estate Planning - Wills and Trusts
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