If you are new to estate planning, like anything new, you may have these questions:

what it is? 

why is important? 

what is the process?

what will it cost? 

All of these questions can be answered during a meet & greet or initial (complimentary) consultation.


As far as cost goes, although it does not cost you anything to find out what your specific plan will cost, it is difficult to provide a price to someone from just knowing "I am single and have no children," or "I am married."  There more to learn about you  - that goes into planning - such as your family dynamic, goals, wishes, and ideas about how you see or would like to see things (your assets, property, minor children, etc.) handled if you become incapacitated and after death.

The price for an estate plan (generally a flat fee) will be determined after your initial conversation. 


Estate plans for each person might be different, but the process is the same for everyone.  Please check out the STEP BY STEP page for details on the process.

Kelly T. Braun - Estate Planning - Wills and Trusts