Planning Services


Generally a complete estate plan will take between 2-5 weeks to complete after the firm is retained. 

Consultations and client meetings are held virtually (Zoom) or conference call, unless other arrangements have been made.  


Signing meetings are scheduled as in-person meetings in Rochester, Michigan, unless other arrangements have been made.

Planning Services

I can help..

creating a comprehensive estate plan, review or update an existing plan, draft a contract or assist with the probate process.  

New Estate Plan

There are many common questions regarding estate planning.  What is it, why is it important, what is the process, what will it cost? Read more on the FAQ page. Estate plans for each person might be different, but the process is the same for everyone.  Review process above or get started by scheduling a meet and greet with Kelly.  


Existing Estate Plan

That is great that you have a plan.  Is it in writing?  Does someone know where it is kept? Have you had a recent life event?  Did your child just turn 18? Ask these questions to determine if your plan needs to be reviewed.  Schedule a meeting with Kelly to discuss what may need to be updated or amended.


Probate Service

A goal for every well-constructed estate plan is to avoid probate however if you find you need assistance navigate the probate process contact Kelly to help guide you.  



Review and/or draft a contract, lease, sales agreement, or employment contract,  Contracts can be lengthy and have become increasingly complex, causing many people to skim over terms and paragraphs, not fully understanding what they are agreeing to. Reach out to Kelly to get started.  


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